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Monthly Special

$59  Includes 20 minute session & 3 digital images

The monthly special has one to 4 set choices on designated sets during specified times of the year. You will choose one set for your session. Please call if you have any questions about what sets are featured at the time you book. Below is a general guide of what themes will be available at what times of year!


Monthly Special Set Schedule:

January 20th - February 19th : Valentine's Day

February 20th - April 25th : Spring Bunny

April 27th - May 30th : Mother's Day

June 1st - July 15th: Summer Fun

June 18th -July 15th : Red, White & Blue

July 16th - August 31st : Summer/Back 2 School

September 1st - September 30th : Fall 

October 1st - October 31st: Fall/Halloween

November 1st - January 5th: Winter

This session includes your choice of one set. Viewing appointment is required.

* Please call and verify sets if you are unsure or need something specific. The above schedule is just an estimate. 

April 12th to May 30th

Mothers Day

LT_1091 (1).jpg

Sunflower Boho

Acquire the vibrant beauty of Mother's Day with our stunning sunflower set, guaranteed to brighten her day and bring a smile to her face! 🌻

Pink Flower Window 

Obtain the essence of maternal love with our delightful window flower set, perfect for enchanting mommy and me photoshoots."

Flower Ladder 

Capture the sweetest moments with our adorable ladder and flower set, perfect for mommy and me photoshoots

Whimsical Flower Arch

This stunning set has effortless charm with an arch and boho-inspired set for a whimsical mommy and me photoshoot 

*Please note that all Monthly Specials require an in-person viewing

Summer Fun

USA Camp Out (1).JPG
American Alley (1).JPG

Mommy and Me sets not yet determined - Sets not pictured

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